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With little clinical data to prove the hypothetic statement – gastric plication is more effective and safer than gastric sleeve-as true, aren’t bariatric surgeons and patients getting a little ahead of themselves in choosing plication over sleeve? And so much so that gastric plication is hailed as ‘sleeve killer’ in the inner circle of the bariatric surgery world?

In reality, gastric plication is less invasive and unlike gastric sleeve, doesn’t include removal of a part of the stomach. The stomach is ‘merely’ folded unto itself thereby, making plication reversible. This idea in patient’s mind-of simple infolding sans any cutting to reduce the stomach size-leads them to believe that gastric plication, indeed, is safer and easier than gastric sleeve. But is it?

According to the experts, the operation is not an easy one. Although quite similar to gastric sleeve surgery, the plication requires greater skill. As regards safety, complications like dysphagia, obstruction, and heartburn, have been reported, which are quite similar to gastric sleeve. And in some rare cases, ‘leaks’ have been reported, a phenomenon which was specifically associated with gastric sleeve. Not to mention, esophageal obstruction from retrograde intussusceptions and gastric compartment syndrome or more simply, increased gastric pressure. There is little research that investigates the impact of hormonal changes and change in gastric emptying.

As far as the effectiveness of plication over sleeve is concerned, long term data is not available to draw some conclusions. Short term results, however, look encouraging with about 50% of excess weight loss (EWL) at one year, and 60% at 2 and 3 years.

Gastric sleeve, on the other hand, is far more effective in combating obesity since a lot of portion of the stomach is removed and with that portion, the part that produces hunger hormone also goes away. Gastric sleeve brings about hormonal changes that are not seen in plication, when the hunger-inducing hormone is produced normally, and the people are hungry all the time.

Then there is the risk of leak which, although rare, shows a strong positive correlation with surgeon’s experience in conducting these kinds of surgeries.

At this point and until some conclusive research pours in, it would be nothing more than kangaroo court justice to find gastric plication surgeon ‘guilty as charged’ for the ‘murder’ of gastric sleeve.

The rectus muscle is located in the abdomen, and if worked out with a lot of exercise, you can get six or eight packs. However, if it had been as simple as it sounds, then a protruding belly, or muffin tops would not have been an aesthetic complaint of the vast majority.

It often happens that after massive sleeve weight loss, there is a lot of loose skin. Skin as well muscle tones, becomes lax by being stretched to an ultimate limit of intra-abdominal volume in obese people or during pregnancy. Though after pregnancy, the skin’s normal elasticity usually resumes. But massive weight loss after obesity, largely sees skin sagging, and drooping downwards that may be cosmetically unwanted. That is where body contouring treatment makes a difference, and tummy tuck is just one of them. The idea is to systematically remove the excess sagging skin from the abdomen and attain a toned body.

Abdominoplasty -Tummy Tuck

An incision is made along the lower abdominal area from hip bone to hip bone, and around the belly button, to release the flap of skin from the abdomen and opened it up. Excess photic skin is removed from the lower end of the skin flap.

Rectus Plication

Rectus Plication in a tummy surgery by gastric balloon surgeon usually refers to the step of muscle strengthening after the skin excision. The rectus muscles are distanced and become thin, by the increased intra-abdominal sphere, which is placated– or hemmed for a diastases repair.

Body Sculpting

The six-pack abs is more significant in men, while the women’s rectus muscles, soft toned belly, than packs. If you have only dreamt of six packs and don’t physically qualify to do the kind of exercise, achieve it with body sculpting which is a core strength compiling, non-invasive fat reduction procedure to help people tone their body contours.

Body sculpting is widely performed using VASER HI Def Liposculpture, which is to groove a person’s fat, using specialized liposuction probes, to create a definition in the skin.

Abdominoplasty Is Not For Weight Loss

Many people think that weight loss surgery consists of removing extra pounds of mass from a person’s body to lose weight. The concept makes a close resemblance to what a tummy tuck or abdominoplasty surgery done by gastric plication surgeons may look like, which is to remove excess skin and fat off a person’s abdomen. However, this is not true.


How To Find The Breast Augmentation Fat Transfer Surgeon

Looking for the best surgeon to perform breast augmentation fat transfer is now easy. Due to popularity, many medical tourism agencies offer packages for this type of procedure. You just have to be careful in choosing your doctor and become aware of the results, risks and recovery period.  You might also need to read reviews and join forums to learn more about this procedure.

Weight loss surgery such as gastric is performed as a last resort for severely obese people. Bariatric surgery constricts the gastric band to lessen food intake. With obese people which gastric band expands, the 3 times consumption of food is normal. The patient has to commit to lifelong dieting and exercising routine to continue having stable weight. For more information, Please visit top plastic surgeons in Newport Beach.


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