Keep Your Customers Updated With New Products And Services By Using Automated Bulk SMS Services

Posted by Jose Evans on March 5, 2017 in Computer Software | Short Link

Over one-half of world’s population has at least one mobile phone which has become much more than just a communication tool. Mobile phones have emerged as one of the most effective and inexpensive marketing tools. Thanks to SMS bulk marketing which enables businesses to reach thousands of customers in a matter of minutes.

Many companies take advantage of the fact that people tend to have mobile phones on hand 24/7 and that nearly all cell phone users read just about any SMS they receive. This has made sending SMS messages to mobile phones one of the most successful and cost-efficient marketing methods after the introduction of SMS bulk marketing. The latter enables businesses to send a text message to thousands of customers in a very short period.

Cost efficiency is the greatest advantage of bulk SMS marketing over other marketing methods. It is offered by online SMS providers who also enable you to customize sender’s ID which is an excellent way to increase brand recognition and awareness. Online services also offer the ability to send personalized text messages and may even give you a discount for using this feature.

Bulk SMS marketing is very convenient and comfortable. You simply send SMS from PC, and the chosen provider will deliver it to the target audience. SMS providers have direct connections to gateways for sending automated bulk SMS which is the key to getting your text message to all your customers in the shortest time possible to and from anywhere in the world, of course, if you choose a provider that offers international service. This marketing tool is an effective marketing strategy that is affordable for every business. However, you should be demanding when looking for a provider because that is the only way that you will get high-quality service at a competitive price.

With mobile phones extending their reach to almost every corner of the earth and text messaging, commonly referred to as SMS (Short Message Service) has become the popular way of communication. As Short Message Service is gaining popularity, new types of messaging services are emerging to satisfy the expectation of people. At present, SMS bulk is creating a huge sensation among the entrepreneurs as it lets them send SMS in bulk quantities to thousands of customers quickly and efficiently. This messaging service is now utilized by various e-marketing companies to reach out to a greater number of people.

SMS bulk is a process of sending messages to innumerable mobile terminals simultaneously and is done using a computer system. With more than 4 billion mobile users, SMS bulk marketing strategy is proving to be an effective marketing strategy not just for inexperienced entrepreneurs but multinational companies too. Now, let’s see the beneficial features of bulk SMS strategy that make it a powerful marketing tool for new entrepreneurs to kickoff their marketing campaign.

Requires Less Investment

This is one of the important features that make this service the best marketing tool for new entrepreneurs who are hesitating to make the large investment in the marketing arena. You can make use of SMS bulk in your marketing campaign either through service providers or software.

If you don’t have enough time to concentrate on your core business, then you can get assistance from reliable SMS service providers, or you can make use of software to carry out the marketing campaign all by yourself. However, service providers have a better reach as they send the user’s message through a range of APIs like HTTP, SOAP, SMTP and SMPP. So, it is wise to make use of reliable and experienced service provider to send SMS effectively.

Easy To Implement

You might not need any additional qualification or experience to make use of SMS bulk software. All you have to do is just enter the mobile number of the customers and the message which you need to convey to the customers, then just click the send button.

Time-saving As the software or service provider takes care of the complete process, you can save plenty of time which you can utilize for focusing on your core business.

Flexible Working Schedule

Unlike other marketing strategies, you might not have to stick to a proper timing schedule. You can send SMS to customers according to your schedule.

Higher Response Rate

Another added advantage of this service is that it has higher response rate than other modes of marketing such as TV and banner ads.

Boosts Business Productivity

As the SMS are delivered directly to the customers within a few minutes, it generates direct traffic and improves your business productivity.

Improves Customer Relationship

Contacting your potential customers via short message service lets you maintain a consistent touch with your customers who are the backbone of your business.

Easy To Manage

Since it generates immediate sales you might not have to wait or monitor for a long time to analyze the progress of these sms marketing tips. Within a few days, you will get a clear idea about your marketing campaign. The concept of sending multiple messages at a time has made SMS marketing a lot easier as they can be sent directly over the direct-to-mobile gateways.

This mode of marketing enables the entrepreneurs to reach out to the targeted customers at their convenient time thereby having a positive impact. With an ever-growing number of mobile users, this mode of marketing is worth looking forward to shortly.


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